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About Katzi

Every mad cat lady’s favourite place to be…

Supporting the work of Cats Protection

Our Story

Katzi is the second T-shirt shop set up by Tracey Sweetland, a serial entrepreneur based in south Lincolnshire.

Tracey was a professional local newspaper reporter, sub-editor and owner who left the newsroom behind in September 2018 to pursue her dreams of running her own business.

What Tracey found when she left her role at the newspaper she co-founded with three colleagues was a whole new sense of self-worth and confidence which has led her to set up her own marketing consultancy and become a confidence coach for others, as well as launch two emcommerce shops selling T-shirts and more.



Tracey's T-Shirt Shops

Katzi is dedicated to Tracey’s love of cats, while Qwotsy brings motivational mottos and inspirational words to a similar range of products, including T-shirts, totes, hoodies, make-up bags and mugs.

As part of her journey of self-discovery,  Tracey, who has owned and loved cats all her life, signed up to a Zambezi Challenge raising money for the vital work of Cats Protection in the UK and lion conservation in Africa.

Camping on the banks of the mighty river by night and paddling among the hippos and crocodiles by day, it’s a 10-day personal challenge which Tracey is meeting head on.

She has committed to raising almost £5,000, which covers the cost of the trip and most importanly leaves plenty of cash for the Spalding branch of Cats Protection to enable it to continue to take in stray and abandoned cats and kittens.

One of Tracey’s own cats Kiki (white with grey tabby patches) was adopted from a Cats Protection shelter as a kitten.

Her other cats are Keifer (ginger) and Cookie (tabby). They continue a long dynasty of Kicking K sounding names, including Kira, Keiko, Kenny, Kaede and Kaila. Even the dog – Carter – gets in on the act.

Meet the team…

Tracey Sweetland

Tracey Sweetland


She’s the one who likes to think she’s in charge. She definitely does all the work on Katzi because the others struggle to type with their furry paws.



Sargeant Major

He’s the noisy one. Very vocal and likes to let you know when he comes in, but otherwise bvery laid back and cuddly.

Spends most of his time indoors on the top bunk, out of the way.



Procurement Officer

She’s always making sure the team has adequate supplies of everything it needs – frogs, birds, mice, bats, moles!

Also a very roly-poly, legs in the air, showing her belly kind of cat. Slightly shy.



Office Junior

Fondly known as Squeak because of the noise she makes when she tries to meow.

The youngest of the crew, Cookie, loves the dog very much and can usually be found in his bed.



Whipping boy

If we can’t find anything, something goes wrong or something smells bad, blame Carter.

He’s a sweet but stupid Cockapoo, used to being put in his place by a small army of cats and people.

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£1 from the sale of each T-shirt goes to Cats Protection

Our Mission

My Mission

I want to share the joy of loving and owning cats (or do they own us?) by emblazoning messages, mottos and cool images of moggies all over T-shirts, hoodies, vests and more, such as notebooks, totes, mugs and make-up bags.


My Purpose

As well as providing you with high quality products dedicated to cats, Katzi is also dedicated to raising money towards my Zambezi Challenge fundraising target to support Cats Protection’s work in this country and lion conservation projects in Africa.

My Values

I endeavour to reflect my core values of honesty, fairness and respect in all of my dealings with everyone I encounter, including my customers. I also aim to demonstrate my gratitude for their support of my business and its aims.


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Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincs